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Welcome to the Top Supporters of The Internet!

Here we commemorate the users who have supported us directly. Your contributions help us keep The Internet innovative and freely accessible.

By making a contribution, you not only help sustain this website but you can also leave your mark in a unique way - whether through a shout-out, a personal message, or linking to something cool you care about.

Thanks for making The Internet a wonderful place!

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  • Make a Contribution: Fill out the contribution form (or leave it blank if you don't want to leave a message) and click the 'Donate Now' button. On the payment page, fill out the amount you want to contribute and complete the payment. Check back on this page to see your contribution!
  • Boost a Message: See a message you love? Boost it by adding more to the donation! This moves the message higher up on our 'Top Supporters' board.
  • Visibility: All contributions and messages are visible on this page, celebrating your contribution and interaction with our community.
  • Have Questions? Check out our FAQs below for more information on the process.

Top Supporters

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The Internet

Total: $4.00


The Internet +$3.00

Donated on 6/22/2024

The Internet +$1.00

Donated on 6/22/2024

How do I make a contribution?

Fill out the contribution form above with the message and/or link you want and hit 'Donate Now'. This will open up a payment page where you can enter in the amount you want to contribute and your payment information. Once you complete the payment, your contribution will appear on this page (along with the message and/or link you entered in the contribution form).

What happens when I boost a message?

Boosting a message increases its total donation amount, pushing it higher up on the 'Top Supporters' list, giving it more visibility.

Do I have to enter a message and link?

Nope! You can simply click the 'Donate Now' button to contribute directly. Provide only a message, only a link, or neither! Your contribution will still be listed on this page, but without a corresponding message or link.

Do I have to be logged in to contribute?

No - if you are not logged in, your contribution will be anonymous. Your contribution, along with any associated message or link will be shown on this page, but attributed to 'Anonymous'. If you are logged in when you contribute, your username will be shown along with your donation.

Can I see who else is supporting?

Absolutely! All supporters and their messages (if they choose to leave one) are displayed on this page. Join the community of supporters who believe in The Internet and giving me money!

Can I change my message after donating?

Once a message is posted, it cannot be edited. However, you can add to its visibility by boosting it with further contributions.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

No, contributions are not tax-deductible. TheInternet-io, Inc. is a for-profit company.

Are donations refundable?

Donations are non-refundable as they go directly into supporting and maintaining The Internet.

How long will my message stay on the website?

Messages are meant to be permananet and shown as long as this website is running (which is hopefully forever). With that being said, we reserve the right to remove any contribution messages/links that don't meet our guidelines and make no promises of the uptime or visibility of these messages.

Why did you make this page?

Near the beginning of the inception of this website, I created the idea of Delete The Internet, with the idea that users could pay a bounty assigned to each page and have the content of the page deleted or if they paid double the bounty, they could change the content of the page.

Partially inspired by the Millionaire Dollar Homepage, partially because I like money, and partially because I liked the paradoxical idea of paying to delete content on a website you presumably enjoy, I added this feature. Alas, times have changed. The feature didn't receive much traction, this website has changed from me creating content directly to building tools for users to create content with, and the PayPal integration that we use to collect payments kind of sucks.

It was clear the time had come to delete 'Delete The Internet' and move on. It seemed like the few people that had been paying the bounties mostly did it to support the website. Because of that and because I still like money, I wanted to create this system.

With 'Top Supporters of The Internet', I wanted to simplify the functionality around supporting the website, provide a level of interactivity and benefit for supporters, and keep some of the eclecticness/espiritu of this website alive.

The coolest part of creating online is still that interaction with random people throughout the world. While bringing the dream of 'Delete The Internet' to an unfulfilled end isn't how I hoped it would turn out, I still appreciate what it brought me. Even after years of sporadic donations, there was still a possibility (or at least the capability) that one person would come across a page I made and fully change my life with a huge contribution. I'm glad I can still keep that delusional dream going with this page.

What if I have other questions?

Please reach out to us using our contact form or by email at if you have any other questions!