Requesting Writers For The Internet

Hello, visitor! Wouldn't it be cool to be a published author on a website? Well, here is your chance! As a relatively new website, The Internet is eager for more content. This means that any article you submit is much more likely to be published than if you sent them to more established news sites. We look forward to having you as a writer!

What Are We Looking For?

You can write about literally anything you want! This can be sharing your opinion on some pop culture event, reporting on a news story, creating a list of best dog tricks, or even something more out there. Your content doesn't even necessarily need to be an "article". If you know some web design, you can create any page you like! (Just make sure to use our html template). This can just be a page that has bunnies appear when you click for all I care. Be creative!

If you need some ideas, feel free to browse this website. Your webpages can range anywhere from this article about Columbia University adding a new book to one of their Core classes, to this webpage I made to pick awesome, frivolous items in your price range to buy on Amazon, to one of my most poular webpages that delivers all of the songs played over the closing credits of HBO's Silicon Valley for easy listening, or even to something completely different.

The Process

We've made it easier! Simply click here, and upload your article!

There are two different options for creating content for The Internet. If you just want to write an article, and possibly include a few pictures, follow the steps for "Write an Article." If you want some more freedom in how your webpage looks, want to create some other content besides a text article, or need to utilize HTML, CSS, or Javascript, follow the steps for "Create an HTML Page."

Write an Article

  1. Write your article using word processing software (e.g. Word, Notepad, etc.). Put links that you would like to be included in parentheses.
  2. Download or gather links to any images you would like to be included. (Images are not required.)
  3. Choose a bounty for your article. If you do not know what this means, read this page, and browse this website a bit!
  4. Email me at Submit@TheInternet.io stating the bounty and attach your article in a text document (.docx preferably) and any images you wish to be included on the webpage. You can also submit additional preferences for your webpage, and we can see if we can accommodate them.
  5. Wait for me to approve article and create webpage for it. I will contact you with the webpage for final approval.
  6. Once I receive approval from you, I will publish your article on TheInternet.io

Create an HTML Page

  1. Download the HTML Template to create your webpage. On the template, things you need to fill in are indicated with three asterisks and upper case letters(e.g. ***ENTER TITLE***)
  2. Download the necessary CSS files:
  3. Complete the webpage.
  4. Email me at Submit@TheInternet.io with your html file and any other files you have created that your webpage utilizes.
  5. I will look over the webpage and make any corrections. Then I will send a link back to you for final approval.
  6. Once I receive approval from you, I will publish your article on TheInternet.io

Why Should You Do This?

Above all, you get the opportunity to practice your craft, whether that be writing stories or markup. Create something, have it published, and get some feedback! Besides being a great way to hone your skills, you can also use this opportunity to make money or advertise. Writers are allowed to include affiliate links on their webpages to monetize them. If they include the html markup for a paypal button, they can also collect any payments toward the bounty for the webpage. Additionally, if you operate a blog or some other website, you can use the about the author section of your webpage to get some more readers! The only thing that is stopping you is you. Don't pay for hosting fees; don't worry about the logistics of operating a website; just create content and reap the awards! I look forward to reading your articles.

Email me at TheCaretaker@TheInternet.io or post in the comments below if you have any questions whatsoever about any part of the process of submitting an article to The Internet!

Published: June 9th, 2015

The bounty for this page is $20,000