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Closing Credits Songs For Every Episode of The Sopranos

Season 5

The music for HBO's The Sopranos fits perfectly with every episode. Because The Sopranos is such a historic television series and it has a great soundtrack, I am giving you a complete list of the songs that play during the closing credits. Here you will find the names of all of the closing credits songs for Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6 (both parts) (note that Season 7 actually refers to Season 6 (Part 2), the episode they came from, the original air date of the episode, an embedded video for your viewing pleasure, a link to the song lyrics, and a way to purchase the song. Listen and enjoy!


Episodes for Season 5:

The Sopranos - Season: 5

Episode 1: Two Tonys

"Heaven Only Knows" by Emmylou Harris (1989)

Episode 2: Rat Pack

"Undercover (Of the Night)" by The Rolling Stones (1983)

Episode 3: Where's Johnny?

"Earth, Wind, Water" by Mitch Coodley (2003)

Episode 4: All Happy Families...

"La Petite Mer" by Titi Robin (1997)

Episode 5: Irregular Around the Margins

"Chi Il Bel Sogno Di Doretta" by L'uba Orgonasova (2004)

Episode 6: Sentimental Education

"The Blues is My Business" by Etta James (2003)

Episode 7: In Camelot

"Melancholy Serenade (Jackie Gleason Show Theme Song)" by The Jackie Gleason Orchestra (1952)

Episode 8: Marco Polo

"Bad 'N' Ruin" by Faces (1971)

Episode 9: Unidentified Black Males

"If I Were a Carpenter" by Bobby Darin (1973)

Episode 10: Cold Cuts

"I'm Not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks (1966)

Episode 11: The Test Dream

"Three Times a Lady" by The Commodores (1978)

Episode 12: Long Term Parking

"Wrapped in My Memory" by Shawn Smith (2003)
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