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Closing Credits Songs For Every Episode of The Rehearsal

Season 1

Nathan Fielder is back with his new show. The titular star of Nathan For You is back in HBO's The Rehearsal and looking better than ever (although that's due to intense social rehearsals of every interaction). It's unclear whether there will be songs over the end credits for the entire series, but at least the first episode had one!


Episodes for Season 1:

The Rehearsal - Season: 1

Episode 2: Scion

"Promise (Reprise) (Alessa's Harmony from Silent Hill 2)" by Akira Yamaoka

Episode 3: Gold Digger

"Beneath The Surface" by Sophy Purnell

Episode 4: The Fielder Method

"Drop Zone" by Garrett Weyenberg & Brian Delgado

Episode 5: Apocalypto

"Unidentified Klezmer Music" by I'm Not Sure Sorry

Episode 6: Pretend Daddy

"Renewal" by Victoria Dewavrin and Oliver MacCalman
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