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Closing Credits Songs For Every Episode of Reboot

Season 1

Reboot is the critically acclaimed (or at least I kinda like it plus it has Judy Greer and Keegan in it) series from Hulu that debuted on September 20, 2022 with a 3-episode jolt to our systems. The show follows an early 2000s family sitcom that Hulu has rebooted and their dysfunctional cast that must deal with their unresolved issues in today's fast-changing world. Also, Rachel Bloom was funny and very good, albeit misleading on what would be show on Reboot, on CBB.


Episodes for Season 1:

Reboot - Season: 1

Episode 2: New Girl

"She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" by An Unknown Band (if you know it, post it in the comments below)

Episode 3: Growing Pains

"Oh Shit!" by The Pharcyde

Episode 4: Girlfriends

"Ladies Night" by Kool & The Gang

Episode 5: What We Do in the Shadows

"Unknown Song (I think it's just the music for the show)" by Probably Duncan Blinkenstaff (who does music for the show)

Episode 7: Baskets

"There's No Business Like Show Business" by Original 1946 Annie Get Your Gun Broadway Cast (Marty May, William O'Neal, Ray Middleton, and Ethel Merman)

Episode 8: Who's the Boss

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Rebecca Roubion
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