My Synopsis/Summary/Reaction to HBO's Silicon Valley Season 2 Episode 6 "Homicide"

Hey everyone, so I'm watching episode 6 of HBO's Silicon Valley today. I'm looking forward to it. Silicon Valley just fucking rocks. It has probably my favorite comedian (T.J. Miller) and one of the best comedic actors (Thomas Middleditch), plus some great music. You really should check it out when you can. Here stop if this is the first episode you've seen. There are going to be some spoilers and you should just experience that on your own if you can.

Okay, so Hooli is trying to get in on that fighting craze (fuck Mayweather right? But he is a good boxer), so they are doing the arguably better sport than boxing: MMA. They are streaming a live UFC fight between Cornish game hen 1 and Cornish game hen 2. Gavin strolls up like an arrogant dick I guess to make him just a little bit less likable in preparation for what comes next. All of his employees laugh creepily. Nobody wants to upset. The fight gets under way.

And it's a huge fucking failure. So much freaking loss. Crazily enough, if you watched a rip of it from one of those virus-infested Russian sites, you could see the fight more clearly just because the universe wanted to fuck Gavin over so the instances of loss canceled each other out if you didn't get the joke? yet. So he yells fuck and storms out. Before this, there is a whole weird thing about Monica and Carla. They are supposed to be friends because they are women.

Fuck ya this wicket wickety wack (but how like bad is good) theme song. Okay we're here so what will the guys (and two women) get out of this pickle? So let's beat fucking Nucleus now! We got this biotches. They really need to find someone/something to live stream. Greg or whoever the fuck (like the weird pale dude) remembered his name is Jared. He offers up a hilarious suggestion. Classic fucking strangled virgin. That sounds so much harsher typed out, but real. There we go; we have the mention of the murder, and Elrich comes in and ruins that with his mention of "Homicide Energy Drink""Homicide Energy Drink". Maybe no murder, but I trust Mike Judge to kill somebody this episode.

So they go to Homicide headquarters. I need to learn how to skateboard. Nobody likes Erlich : ( I He really is the Kool Aid Man and it makes me sad. I mean he is living a pretty good life and helping the company a lot. Damn Dinesh is getting some and she is fucking hot. He is fucking killing it. Well fuck she is making out with that one guy who is the best and a massive a hole. They see something they really should tell him about.

Are they going to murder this guy? He may just piss them off enough. And damn here is Gavin again. Great job switching him back to a sympathetic character. Genius. This is the result of success. Holy fuck they are so considering letting this guy die. SWOT TIME BITCHES Haha there goes all of Greg's hard work. Wow this is getting deep now. Richard is being flat out honest with Erlich. Shit let's see how he takes it. Okay that cut deep, but the first cut is the deepest so he'll be fine after a while. Oh fuck he is in denial. Hilarious, but sad.

Well that focus group scene was strange. Glad they're hitting all of those target demographics, though. Gavin is fucked. Apple maps fucked. Well Richard is back with Ass Dubs so he is an asshole that is just trying to stomp over Pied Piper. Erlich is coming back, MotherFuckerrssssssssssssssssss. I'm hoping he gives that douchebag a swirly. Damn they may actually let Blaine die. What happens when programmers tackle philosophy? Are they really trying each possibility that might happen? You don't have the processing ability to do that. Holy fuck Blaine is actually the chilliest guy.

How did I not realize just letting a guy die because he was a dick one time, not a very good thing to do? Empathy is a pretty good thing. Holy fuck you can't backtrack from this, Gilfoyle, hahaha. Oh shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt. And now Richard is getting fucked.

Erlich, the savior, is going to come back. KOOL AID IS COMING BACK MOTHER FUCKER. Loll Double Asshole. So now, Jared comes to the rescue. Let's see those condors, baby. Oh shit, they got brain raped hard. They're the one with the third assholes now. How the fuck do they leave on that cliff hanger of the year?

That's a sick song, though. Pied Piper is dead.

Pied Piper is dead.

Published: May 19, 2015

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