Let's Talk About Sex Toys

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Male vs. Female

At first, it seems strange how female sex toys seem to be more accepted in (Western) society than male sex toys. As seen in the video, it is a common gift given between women at bridal showers; this phenomenon doesn't really occur between male friends. A gift of lube or a pocket pussy would probably be met with some uncomfortable laughs.

This culture has a weird, possibly contradictory view of female sexuality. Women are often viewed as sex objects, but also "slut-shamed" for being sexual. They are regarded as having lower sex drives than men, yet female sex toy use is much more common.

Is this prevalence of female sex toys a way for women to take back their sexuality? Is it another way for society to push women away from sex by giving a more accepted alternative to let out their desires? Do sex toys just feel fucking awesome?

Now what explains this stigma surrounding male sex toys? Does it stem from a stigma surrounding male masturbation (and the idea that it is the outcome of not being able to get laid)? Do they just not feel as good as a vibrator shoved up your vagina? Does the prevalence of female sex toys cast sex toys in general in a feminine light, thus emasculating those who use them?

No matter the reasons, it seems that this stigma surrounding sex toys (especially male ones) should be diminished. Why deprive oneself from pleasure? Fucking a silicone pussy might feel way better than stroking it with your hand.

The Different Types

Female Sex Toys

There are many different types of female sex toys


Dildos are probably the most basic sex toy. It is essentially a fake dick. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.


Vibrators are the next step up in sex toys. They are like a dildo, but, surprisingly, they also vibrate! They also range in size, can be battery powered or corded, and may have attachments to focus on your clit or g-spot.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are the dildos designed especially for the butt.

Butt Plugs

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, there are butt plugs! They have a tapered end so it isn't devoured by your asshole. Butt plugs are often worn for longer periods of time.

Vaginal Pumps

These will make your clit and labia swollen, ultra-sensitive, and ready to cum hard.

Sex Dolls

For those looking for a more realistic experience, sex dolls are also available. These can just be partial dolls or full body ones.

Sex Machines

Probably the final step in sex toys are the sex machines. These will automatically fuck you. Sex machines can either thrust hard or vibrate as you sit on it.

Male Sex Toys

There are sex toys especially for men as well!


Masturbators (aka "pocket pussies") are essentially hollow tubes of a soft material that you stick your dick in. They can look like realistic orifices or just a blob. They range in price with Fleshlights being at the higher end.

Cock Rings

These are often used to increase stamina during sex, but they can also increase sensitivity during masturbation. They come in a variety of materials, in special shapes, and some even vibrate!

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps makes you get the biggest, most sensitive erection of your life. It can also be covered by Medicare to treat Erectile Dysfunction!

Prostate Massager

These are pretty much vibrators or dildos specifically made for men. Did you know that men pretty much have a G-Spot? Well it's located in your asshole and called the prostate! These massagers hit that spot and make you cum hard.

Sex Dolls

Just with dolls of males, they also make dolls of females. They can be of the full body or just parts of it.

Sex Machines

Using the same sex machines as one would use with dildos, you can instead use male masturbator attachments. This makes for a more effortless masturbation experience.

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