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Why do people like the rain?

I have never liked the rain, and probably never will. The rain makes the streets slippery and your clothes all wet. Is there really anything worse than having wet socks? The skies get dark and the mood is gloomy.

Contrary to popular belief (unless the populus is actually well educated), suicide rates increase during the late spring and early summer. Hey, maybe this is a good thing about the rain. It seems that when it is raining, people want to kill themselves less often. More likely, the rain is just so shitty that anybody who is in the depths of depression gets too discouraged by the gloominess surrounding them that they can't even muster the energy to off themselves.

Rather, maybe it is comforting to be surrounded by this gloom. For the depressed person, it may be nice to actually have one's surroundings match their emotions. Rain can be the great equalizer. The raindrops aren't targeting you specifically, but coming down on everybody. Everyone else gets a taste of the shitty experience depressed people perceive their life as, everyday. Everyone else, except maybe that douche that is just having the time of his life singing in the rain.

Of course, rain plays a valuable role in the world. It waters our crops, provides us with drinking water, and continues this cycle of change in nature. None of that directly affects us, though. Rain isn't necessary here, right where I am at this moment. Let it occur across the country where the food I eat grows and the water I drink is shipped in from.

One of the redeeming qualities about rain, is that it can enhance some experiences. Curling up in bed, with a good book or more likely a laptop or kindle, freeing your mind as the gentle patter of raindrops accompanies your thoughts can be absolutely magical. Doing this on a sunny summer day, or even a brisk, dry winter morning isn't going to feel the same. Rain is necessary to this experience. We can appreciate that we don't have to be in the rain; we are as separate as we can be from the rain (dry, warm, and comfy) and that is wonderful.

Hopefully one day I will be able to appreciate being in the rain, but I doubt it.

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