What Happens When You Learn Javascript Drunk

Feel like you should learn Javascript? Are you drunk? Well, I am, and I'm trying to learn Javascript for the first time. Here is what you you create when you're drunk and trying to do a Javascript tutorial.

I tried the Javascript course on Code Academy, but it seemed too slow to me. You literally had to type in mathematical expressions like 8 plus 8, and then reload the page. I feel like I am a bit more advanced then the average person (Overplacement Effect?) at programming, and I get even more confident after a few shots of some Wodka, so I went to Javascript.info. It is pretty much everything I've hoped to have in a tutorial. It seems to line up exactly what I need. Rather than a tutorial in which you have to complete tasks to proceed, it is more like a Javascript reference source presented in a logical fashion for someone just going straight through it. I really recommend it. Well anyway, I guess I should actually apply some of my newly learned Javascript skills. I'll call the alert() function from the html and see what happens.

Well, nice. It seems like you pressed okay, or you are going through a round about way of reading this. Or I guess there are some specific browsers that don't allow alerts through (Linux)? Well anyway, here I am. In Chrome, the browser didn't load some of the css before the alert popped up, which is strange. Does it load css as it loads the html page?

Now, I am going to create some divs so that I can change their style (probably color and size) with a button using Javascript.




Well, now I'm sober. I feel like I wrote pretty coherently for how cross-faded I was. Doing the javascript for that button was overly hard, so I had to do it after I sobered up. Also, I realized that I seem to get a little mean when I'm drunk. I hope my harsh words did not offend any of you fuckers.

My last thing I am going to try out before I finish this page, is a random number generator. I hope to utilize this (and a few other javascript things) to spruce up my homepage. At the moment, it is rather simplistic. I liked the feel of it and thought of it as more minimalistic, but people on the internet held a different opinion. As I've added more pages, it has started to become crowded, so I thought I should make it easier to navigate. Hopefully, the changes make it more user-friendly.

Click to generate a (pseudo)random number (in your specified range)!

Minimum Number

Maximum Number

That random number generator actually worked really well. I may actually just make a separate page for that, since it is really helpful. I'm going to take a few celebratory shots and finish this freaking page up and post it. Then I'll probably edit index.html (my homepage) some more.

Wow, vodka is disgusting. Why can't the taste be as good as the feeling it gives you? Well anyway, I guess I should add one of the most useful resources I used well figuring this shit out. The Mozilla Developer Network is such an amazing source. It is amazing for explaining built in methods in Javascript. I usually get to it by searching the method I have a question about on Google and it's usually in the top few links. It is way better than w3schools. Honestly, fuck w3schools. I feel like they just don't really grasp what developers are using their website for. The way they present information leaves a lot to be desired. Well anyway, I guess that's it. See you guys.

Published: May 2, 2015

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