Lyrics For "Father Sister Berzerker" by Tobacco

Father Sister Berzerker

Verse 1:

Hail Satan

Prince of Darkness (darkness) (darkness)

Don't keep us waitin'

We won't be patient

Supreme Ruler more like

White bike as you slip on a trike

There you are in that blue shoe canoe

But who (who) (who) are you?

Better yet, who aren't you?


Scoobidy Doo

We're waiting for you (you) (you)

Take us to that promise land

We will gladly take the blood of the nonbelievers if we can

Just Satan (oh Satan)

Don't keep us waitin'

Verse 2:

Well I for one don't know what to think

I thought you wanted my drank

But then you just poured it down the tub

Seriously bruh, that took me a year

Don't even call me baby

That shit was cray-cray

Just remember one opposum

Penis Penis Penis

There you go

You little figgle bottom

Chorus x 2

Verse 3:

(Loud Screeching)

Published: May 16, 2015

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