This Might Be A Life Hack: Hang Your Lint Rollers On Clothes Hangers

Well I'm pretty baked, but I think this should be helpful.

  1. Get a lint roller
  2. Get a clothes hanger
  3. Hang lint roller on clothes hanger
  4. Put clothes hanger on rod in closet
  5. Enjoy Your Hanged Up Lint Rollers!
lint roller hanging on a clothes hanger

Have you ever been desperately needing your lint roller and just couldn't find it fast enough? When you did find it, were you disappointed with how sticky it got the carpet? Well, if you answered no to both questions, you're probably in the vast majority of people, but still like you can hang them if you want. I mean that was a very specific situation.

Did I mention you can hang multiple lint rollers on one clothes hanger?!?

two whole lint rollers hanging on one clothes hanger

Well you can! And even different sizes, too!

Published: 5/23/2015

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