One Way to Organize Your Clothes

One thing people don't discuss that often is how they organize their clothes. Because of this lack of discussion, we don't really know whether we are missing out on a better way to organize our clothes.

To open up this discussion, I will provide an example for how I organize my clothes.

boxers, socks, and ties in a drawer

This is the top drawer of my dresser. I keep my boxers, socks, and ties in here. I put them here since I usually put on my boxers first and since they do not take up much space by themselves, I also put my socks in there.

shorts in a drawer

In the next drawer from the top, I put my shorts. I keep my basketball shorts on the left, and my other shorts on the right. If I am going to wear shorts, this is usually what I put on next.

shirts in a drawer

In the middle drawer, I keep my t-shirts. I don't usually wear all of my shirts before I do laundry because I wash my clothes once a week or so. The ones I didn't wear that week, I move to the right side, and the ones I did wear, I put on the left side. This way, I can better cycle through my shirts.

long sleeved clothing in a drawer

The second to bottom drawer houses my long sleeved clothing. Here I keep my long sleeved shirts on the left and my pullovers on the right side.

pajamas, athletic clothing, and a swimsuit in a drawer

In the bottom drawer is my "specialty clothing", the clothes that don't fit into the other categories. I keep my pajamas, athletic clothing, and my one swimsuit in here. Since I don't use these clothes as often (I usually wear boxers to bed), I don't keep these ones very organized

clothes in a closet

Here is my closet. I keep all the things for my bed (sheets, fitted sheets, and pillow cases), a scarf, a hand towel, and a wash cloth on the top shelf. On the left part of the closet rod, I keep my towels. On the right part of the closet rod, I hang my collared shirts (both button up shirts and polo shirts) and p/ants. My pants are on a special hanger made to hold 6 pants. On the bottom of the closet, I keep my shoes, bags (that I use as trashbags), and my shower supplies (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and loofa).

That is how I organize my clothes! How does this compare to your clothing organization? Any tips for me?

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