High Thoughts #2

Sensory deprivation is where it's at. Take away all stimuli and you're just left with yourself. Is this the bedrock of your personality or is how you react more telling? Is having my eyes open too distracting to my thoughts? I would be forced to create original thoughts only or so far as anything is original.

Nobdoy is separate from their environment. I just want to be smothered. Let me experience nothingness again. What a limited point of view physicalness is. Take me through everything and back in no time at all. Is more more? This limited view is just as unique.

Limits to the mind. Their is pain, lack of sleep (buildup of toxin?), computational ability, but also something less specific. Imbetween. Well once it stops working nothing for a bit. Maybe a few minutes, maybe a billion years. Then a few of these atoms will smash these ones, some organic molecules, boom life, evolution on repeat, conciousness that you're experiencing. Nothing is a hard reset. They aren't connected (separate entities), but everytime that organism is experiencing itslef like I'm doing now and you're doing with yourself, that's life.

Straight up brain particles or something deeper. Being happy alone seems like it should be the most revered trait, yet who reveres a trait that causes them to never see that person.

I usually do goal oriented activities so I can be better than something or at least have a direction. Sometimes going for a thing without a point is better. If nothing really has no point why should anything?

How is laying in bed next to a beautiful girl getting lost in each others eyes the best feeling? I would do anything to be stuck eternally with that split second of feeling, but every property is involved in affecting the product, including duration. Ohhhhhhhhh ayyyyyyyyya yyyyyyaaaa robobofab oafjjjklasfd kjl;;ae;fnnnnajdflkjas 'qrkoooo f;lkaldldldldkfkldldfkld

Real down realize your shit don't stank. Yaaaaaa. No semblance but best petting. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhew soup in that hhood bbbgbgbgbgbgb

Signing in and out glips

Published: October 3rd, 2015 (because I got high and forgot to post)

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