George Watsky

Rapper Spotlight #1

George Watsky in an interview with famous interviewer Sandro Bucher

George Watsky is one of the most talented wordsmiths out there. Watsky was born in San Francisco on September 15, 1986 (with a twin brother named Simon. He went to high school there and then attended Emerson College where he graduated with a degree in “Writing and Acting for the Screen and Stage." While still in college, 2006 was the year George Watsky got the recognition he deserved. He was dubbed the Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion and the Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Champion. Watsky released his first album Invisible Inc., officially stepping into the rap game. Even though it had some pretty dope beats, George Watsky wasn't really recognized as a rapper until 2010 when he released his albumWatsky. The rest of is history.

If you have never listened to Watsky, I think these three songs will give you a good idea of who he is. Unapologetically corny, brilliantly lyrical, and able to transition between serious and frivolous subjects effortlessly, George Watsky is an amazing poet and rapper.

If you're thinking "Hey that guy looks pretty familiar", these three videos are probably where you know him from. George Watsky can rap extremely fast, and has even been featured on The Ellen Show multiple times because of this. On a much worse note, he made headlines in 2013 by stupidly attempting a stage dive from 40 feet in the air and landing on two fans. George Watsky needed to be carried off on a stretcher and one of the fans suffered from a broken arm.

Although he did make this extremely boneheaded mistake, one can't deny Watsky makes good music. Here are some of his best songs.

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Published: May 26, 2015

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