The Closing Credits Song For Every Episode of Silicon Valley (Season 1)

Silicon Valley HBO television show Logo with faces of cast posed like Steve Jobs

The music for HBO's Silicon Valley is phenomenal. After almost every episode, I've gone to Google to find out what that great song playing during the credits was. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a compiled list of these songs. I'm giving Silicon Valley the treatment it deserves and giving you a complete list of the songs that play during the closing credits. Here you will find the names of all of the closing credits songs for Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5, the episode they came from, an embedded video for your viewing pleasure, a link to the song lyrics, and a way to purchase the song (if for some reason you still get your music legally). I will update this after every episode (as long as my friend stops being a dick and tells me her new HBO Go password) with the new closing credits song. Listen and enjoy!

Season 1

Silicon Valley Episode 1: Minimum Viable Product

"Minority" by Green Day (2000)

Silicon Valley Episode 2: Cap Table

"Party and Bullshit (Remix)" by Ratatat (2007)

Silicon Valley Episode 3: Articles of Incorporation

"Hey Lover" by Blake Mills (2010)

Silicon Valley Episode 4: Fiduciary Duties

"Father Sister Berzerker" by Tobacco (2014)

Silicon Valley Episode 5: Signaling Risk

"Nuevos Tiempos" by Pueblo Café (2005)

Silicon Valley Episode 6: Third Party Insourcing

"Party and Bullshit (Remix)" by Ratatat (2007)

Silicon Valley Episode 7: Proof of Concept

"Smokin & Drinkin" by Danny Brown (2014)

Silicon Valley Episode 8: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency

"Minority" by Green Day (2000)
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Published: May 17, 2015

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