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The Closing Credits Song For Every Episode of Silicon Valley (Season 5)

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Season 5 Soundtrack! The music for HBO's Silicon Valley is phenomenal. After almost every episode, I've gone to Google to find out what that great song playing during the credits was. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a compiled list of these songs. I'm giving Silicon Valley the treatment it deserves by giving you a complete list of the songs that play at the end of the episode. Here you will find the names of all of the closing credits songs for Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5, the episode they came from, an embedded video for your viewing pleasure, a link to the song lyrics, and a way to purchase the song. Come here every week to check out the newest Silicon Valley song that plays at the end of the episode!

Season 5

Silicon Valley Episode 1 (Season 5 Premiere): Grow Fast or Die Slow

"The Monkey" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Silicon Valley Season 5 originally premiered Sunday March 25, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 2: Reorientation

"Down the Road" by C2C
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 2 originally aired April 1st, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 3: Chief Operating Officer

"Cop Drama" by Clearside
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 3 originally aired April 8th, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 4: Tech Evangelist

"The Luxury Life" by AfterJourney & Boom
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 4 originally aired April 15th, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 5: Facial Recognition

"Trouble in Paradise" by Girl Talk & Erick the Architect
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 5 originally aired April 22nd, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 6: Artificial Emotional Intelligence

"Made in China" by Higher Brothers & Famous Dex
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 6 originally aired April 29th, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 7: Initial Coin Offering

"Metalstorm" by Cut Chemist feat. Edan and Mr. Lif
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 7 originally aired May 6th, 2018

Silicon Valley Episode 8: Fifty-One Percent

"Getaway" by Uncle Walt's Band
Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode 8 originally aired May 13th, 2018
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