Amazon Roulette: The Best of Amazon

Fun, bizarre, practical, gross, tasty, funny: the Amazon products you didn't know you wanted

If you have a few extra (or hundred?) dollars lying around, treat yo' self! Choose the budget set that works for you, click a random spot, and buy the best gift for yourself.

The only thing better than shopping on Amazon drunk is receiving the gifts you forgot you bought yourself!

Each of the products on this page have been hand-selected by me to be the best. They may be fun games, things you're surprised you don't already own, tools that will help you get your life together (Gerald, if you are reading this, please call your mother; she misses you and just wants to help), toys you always dreamed of having, or just weird things that you wouldn't expect Amazon .to carry!

Click, Buy, Have Fun!

The bounty for this page is $90