Adblocking Addons (Adblock, Ublock, Adblock Plus, others) Are Killing Small Internet Startups Perhaps in Silicon Valley

5 guys built to code and running on Redbull enter a desolate room. Boom there is someone at the door. Oh shit I'm getting a little too much for this. He whispers from beyond. I guess I'm writing a horror story. There goes the food steps on the descent to the basement. Tick Toc. Tic the jacket. I need to see the doctor. There he is with nothing left to go and eat the lobster.

So ya, basically, they are starving because too many people use adblock! It's a wonderful service and I love it, but come on I want to make some more money. Like even I disable my adblock when I come on my site. It's not that bad, especially when I get to make money off of it.

If you can see this and you can click on me, then I can serve ads this way. Is this intrusive?

Like literally why don't people just share articles that they like, specifically mine. I would love to be able to make bank. If you guys want anything entertaining or maybe even challenging (if I'm feeling up to) done, then just tell me in the comments. Is this too much pandering?

Oh ya, but seriously, here is a good Tech Crunch articleabout it, but the startup that ran the study got bought out by Yahoo, so I don't know how to find the study anymore.

Well anyway, instead, I would like to write a review for this song:

I was going to write this exquisitely song that targets keywords with ease, but then I realized that Kush Mody, Watsky, Boom Bap Boys, Backstreat Boys, NWA, Watsky Beef with Snoop Dogg, Snooky eats pasta gif, what are aliens, what is sex, oo llaa laa, drunk stuff, drunk fun stuff, fun, fun things, fun things to do when high, weed, high times, 420 blaze it. Fuck my elbow slipped across my keyboard just then. Well anyway, ya I was going to write this paragraph with keywords and just search ideas I came up with like "drunk stuff, fun drunk stuff, loud music off, how to press volume icon chrome, computer shut off quickly, neighbor mean bad bad pool or sofa, faacebok, what is faacebok, access faacebok, fake bok choy on, myspace, microsoft excel tips, learn microsoft office fast, there we go again, lyrics to abcs" Just things that people might search for.

Damn maybe if I actually put in the work to look up desirable keywords to write about, I would make money. But I would rather just have the money.

Oh so anyway, fuck you here is another ad on amazon. Whatever the fuck.

Oh god dammit, I forgot to mention ublock (well its actually µblock, but who really has a µ key on their keyboard?). So ya ublock is pretty chill since it doesn't lag down your browser as much, buy ublock does have the downside of not blocking youtube ads, I think. So ya ublock is pretty chill but honestly no youtube ad blocks? That's poor choice, that's poor ublock.

Published: May 20, 2015

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