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ZBiotic Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Shot: Best Gift for Holiday Drinking

ZBiotic Pre-Alcohol Probiotic Shot: Best Gift for Holiday Drinking

If you like alcohol, but dislike the nausea of hangovers, the future is now. This probiotic shot contains bacteria specifically designed to break down the alcohol byproducts in your gut that cause nausea the night after drinking. You still can get a headache from dehydration, but hey there's always advil for that.

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From their product description: "ZBiotics breaks down an unwanted alcohol byproduct called acetaldehyde – the primary culprit behind rough mornings after drinking." This is why I love living in the 21st century. Humans have been consuming alcohol for literally thousands of years and just dealing with the negative effects the day after. This product has just solved a problem (albeit not that huge of one) that has plagued literally billions of people throughout the course of human society. All you do is drink the shot from the vial before you go out drinking (between 0 and 120 minutes before your first drink) and you're good. So far, I've tried it twice and both times I had zero nausea when the hangover came. In a way to somewhat test the product, I wasn't as strict with my water-drinking protocol that night to ensure I'd actually get a hangover, and lo and behold, ZBiotics worked amazingly. Now let's go over the downsides of ZBiotics: 1) Price: At $10/bottle for the 6-pack linked, it isn't cheap. If you're crushing Natty Lights like it’s an Olympic sport as your drink of choice, this addition might be an unnecessary splurge. Personally, I like cool cocktails, so I'm used to $10-$18 drinks (unfortunately), so adding an additional one isn't that bad. Plus, I got the 12-pack which is $9/bottle before coupon code. 2) Specificity: This product only targets nausea (caused from acetaldehyde), which is only one of the symptoms we associate with a 'hangover'. The other symptoms (headache, fatigue, etc.) are caused primarily by dehydration, but also other compounding activities that can go along with a night of drinking (lack of sleep, literally ingesting a poison (i.e. alcohol), soreness from shenanigans, etc.). Through my life, I've learned my limits with alcohol, only indulge occasionally, and ensure I end each night by chugging water as I play Overwatch; this means I rarely get bad hangovers, but if I do, the only real debilitating symptom for me is nausea since it's so hard to treat. Headaches and fatigue are easy to treat, but having an upset tummy sucks. That's why this product is still excessively useful for me, but you should be aware of its limited use. 3) Alcohol Consumption: This product is literally meant to be used in conjunction with alcohol, essentially a poison (although an occasionally fun one) that causes the death and increased suffering of millions of people per year. AFAIK, this product does not actually prevent any of the more serious detrimental effects of alcohol on the body. Here is a great a video on the subject from the Institute of Human Anatomy: What Alcohol Does to Your Body. Further, this product really makes you more aware of the damage you're doing to your body. Without the nausea there to overwhelm me, the other symptoms were more apparent, so before I took an ibuprofen and a nap, it just made me reflect more on the damage alcohol can do slightly more. Note that this anecdote is just based on my personal experience and reflective of nothing more. 4) Taste (debatable): My cousin didn't like it, but I kind of did. I wasn't sure what to expect but I feel like for a wellness probiotic-type shot, it's pretty great. Good balance of flavors. Overall, ZBiotics is an amazing product that does what it says: gets rid of the nausea in hangovers. While it's inclusion on The Internet's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide might seem counterintuitive, since you probably only want to give someone a 6-pack of these for the holidays if you want to give someone a not-so-subtle judgement on their drinking habits, but here's the trick: Purchase a pack of these for yourself. Bring them to the pregame, pass them out to have a great little cheers to start the night, and everybody is really thankful the next morning. As with any product related to alcohol consumption, please drink responsibly; please be aware of your drinking habits and be real with yourself and the effect it has on your body, your life, and those around you. Also, drink water and happy holidays!

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