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Reusable Water Balloons: Best Gift for Kids

Reusable Water Balloons: Best Gift for Kids

These reusable water "bombs" (since they're not technically balloons) are amazing. You simply put them in water (e.g. a bucket or kiddie pool), allow the sides of the ball to close with the magnets, and then you have a perfectly filled water "balloon". Now you can throw it at whoever and when it "pops", you can just grab it again and refill it for endless fun (and way less clean up when you're done).

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These reusable water balls/balloons/bombs are amazing. They make the entire process so much more enjoyable. They're easy and satisfying to refill, pop when expected, and there's no more messy cleanup (that you get with regular balloons). For this detailed review, I will list some aspects of the product I was pleasantly surprised by and some things to note when purchasing the product: Pleasant Surprises:

Limitations: With those limitations in mind, these are phenomenal product and great for anyone has ever enjoyed water balloons.

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