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Magic Flight Launch Box: Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box: Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box are hand-crafted vaporizers made primarily out of wood. The company makes a variety of other great products for vaping dry herb (typically marijuana) or concentrates, including bubblers, dab boxes, grinders, etc.

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The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) was my first vaporizer and after trying many other ones, it's still one of my favorites. I love the handcrafted feel, their use of wood and glass in their products (although they do use acrylic for the cover), and the process of using it. The original Magic Flight Launch Box runs on batteries, so it's really easy to just grind up some herb (that you can store in the MFLB itself), and just bring along one of the included batteries, and that's it. Now you can vape on your hike, extract the most out of your weed, and even eat the already been vaped (ABV) herb after or include it in edibles, since it's already been decarbed. Vaping is just such a great way to consume marijuana: no combustion means its easier on your lungs, allows you to appreciate the taste of the weed, and provides a more uplifting head high (in my experience); then, your 'waste' product is perfectly decarbed weed that you can now eat directly as an edible. The MFLB just really captures the spirit of that method of consumption. For The Internet's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, I'm specifically selecting this product: Launch Box Bundle - Factory Seconds (UFO Bubbler + Finishing Grinder): $159 This bundle comes with everything you need + more: One Classic Factory Second Launch Box (chosen at random), One Acrylic Draw Stem, One Cleaning Brush, One Factory Second Wood Stem, Two Magic Flight AA NiMH Batteries with caps, One 2-cell Battery Case One Battery Charger, UFO or Bottle Rocket Bubbler (full kits), and One Factory Second Finishing Grinder (chosen at random). If you wanted to get all of these new individually at time of writing, it would be well over $200:Maple Classic Launch Box Flight Kit: $169, , Finishing Grinder: $55, Wood Stem: Sold out (but even a glass one is $8), and the bubblers seem only available in this bundle but are at least $50 from other shops. Overall, this bundle is a phenomenal value. 'Factory Seconds' indicates that 'all handcrafted items in this bundle have cosmetic flaws but are fully functional.' When I've bought subsequent vaporizers from Magic Flight, I've always chosen this option if available. I think it adds a bit of character and randomness that I enjoy, and you save some money. If you or someone you know smokes too much weed, this would be a great gift for them.

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