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Episode #3

Stress to Fresh

Dec. 21, 2016 - Started off rough, but then got perfect. Up at 7:30 AM, not a good time. But no time to think, hop in the shower and go. Wolf down that food and off to the building across campus.

I got there 5 minutes early and the room is already packed. I take my seat and we are off to the races. This was for my Corporate Finance final. A bit over 3 hours of working hard and fast to value a company using their financial statements and those of comparable firms. There were absolutely no breaks, just constant effort.

Finished with that, and now time to rush over to the dining hall, scarf down a slice of pepperoni, read over my ODE notes, and fly back to the math building. Surprisingly few amount of people there.

There were quite a few problems I did not know, but some that I did eventually work out which was great.

I felt on, but only because I couldn't turn it off. I had popped a Armodafinil early which was probably adding to it.

Went to the package center and picked up some stuff.

Back to my room where I felt like I wanted to take a break and relax, but couldn't. Then she came over.

I was kind of dreading it at first, but when she got there I started having fun. Still was hyper and a little surrealy in my head, but having a good time.

Then comes the kissing. What are these lips doing? Haven't we already been through this? I feel like I've already had that experience so why keep going for it. I know she wants to keep it going. Can't I play with your boobs without you getting horny? Well, there goes my shirt. Let's get dinner.

Thai soup then bubble tea? Perfect. I like when you rest your legs on me.


Back to the room. Just being there together. Bliss

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