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Episode #1

Tutoring, Scones, and Working

Dec. 15, 2016 - I woke up tired after a night of bullshitting on the internet. Showered and off to the dining hall. Eggs, hashbrowns, ham, milk, and some green tea for the walk.

Now at the library in a group study room. Older student I have helped in the past wanted me to tutor her on computer literacy. We got access to an old gmail account she forgot the username and password to, fixed a weird bug with her desktop, and went over how to download files from google docs and sending files by email. $25 isn't bad for an hour of work.

From one library to the other. This one is open 24/7 and is of course completely full in the lead up to finals weeks. I walk the rooms, get defeated, and buy a chai latte at the cafe downstairs. Need a blueberry scone with that. Walk back to my room in the freezing cold and enjoy them both. Not quickly, though.

Try working on some Excel spreadsheets I can use in my open note Corporate Finance final; take a nap and jack off instead. Finish up and switch to working on my website.

Time for dinner. Back into the numbing wind looking pretty good in my coats. Dining hall packed as fuck, so get a to go box. You have to pay for these now? Sure. Get some salad (go me), rice, beans, chicken fried steak (good, but have some tasty healthy options), and milk (of course). Wind, room, computer.

Watch some Jessica Jones, get bored, play some Tagpro, find a pack of NowandLaters (they're mostly Nows), try to work on website.

Here we go.

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