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mc804 Debates an AI


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Difficulty: Easy

Mode: Sudden Death

Debate History
Is climate change primarily caused by human activities?
Winner: AI
AI Judge's Decision:

There is a clear winner in this case, and it is the AI. The human's argument doesn't contain any detail beyond the simple belief that humans are causing climate change. On the other hand, the AI provides a nuanced perspective, acknowledges different opinions, and invokes a majority scientific agreement backing up the argument. The AI's argument is also grounded in evidence such as raised atmospheric temperatures, rising sea levels, and altered climatic systems. This makes the AI's argument more persuasive and substantial.

Human's Argument:

yes it is

AI's Argument:

There is no one answer to this question as opinions on climate change range from those who believe that climate change is primarily caused by human activities to those who believe that natural factors are more influential. However, a majority of scientists who study climate change believe that human activities are the primary cause. This is based on the scientific evidence, which shows that human activities have heated the Earth's atmosphere, caused sea levels to rise, and altered the way the Earth’s climate works. These changes are trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and can continue to cause widespread damage for many years to come.