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The Internet Debates an AI

The Internet

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Difficulty: Easy

Mode: Sudden Death

Debate History
Is the use of animal-based entertainment, such as circuses and bullfighting, unethical?
Winner: AI
AI Judge's Decision:

The winner of this debate is the AI. Although both players present strong arguments against animal-based entertainment and emphasize the harm it causes to animals, the AI brings up more general points about how this type of entertainment is outdated and not reflective of today's values. This aspect of their argument broadens their stance and makes it a more comprehensive argument against animal-based entertainment. As a result, the AI takes the win in this debate.

Human's Argument:

Running with the bulls in Pamplona, watching an elephant dance in a Barnum & Bailey circus. While this type of entertainment is entrenched in cultural tradition, it is important to remember they cause direct harm to the animals. In the case of bullfighting, spears are thrust into the bull's flesh, and many die as a result. While the harm is less obvious in circuses, studies have shown animals held in circuses have shorter lifespans are often subject to dirty and stressful living conditions. It is unethical to profit off of the suffering of another living thing.

AI's Argument:

Although animal-based entertainment may seem innocent, it is actually unethical because it inflicts pain and suffering on animals. This type of entertainment is outdated and does not reflect today's values. In fact, many people now view animal-based entertainment as cruel and inhumane. Therefore, the use of animal-based entertainment should be discontinued.