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john33 Debates an AI


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Difficulty: Hard

Mode: Sudden Death

Debate History
Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports under medical supervision?
Winner: AI
AI Judge's Decision:

Both players present substantial arguments, however, the AI's response is more well-rounded and emphasizes the fairness that would be achieved by allowing PEDs under medical supervision. They also address the safety of the athletes more thoroughly than the human. While the human makes valid points on the enhancement of entertainment and helping those with deficiencies, the AI strengthens the argument by discussing how allowing PEDs can level the playing field, enhance the quality of competition, and ensure athlete safety with proper oversight.

Human's Argument:

Performance-Enhancing drugs or PEDs can show humanity what the peak of human athleticism can truly mean. For multiple reasons they should be allowed. Before I get into the main arguments, I must elaborate on the fact that medical supervision means that there will not be any form of overdosing, or unhealthy usage of the PEDs as they will be under direct doctor supervision, and those issues should not be discussed. Firstly they can help those with certain deficiencies overcome the gap and catch up to the rest of the field. Some people are born with hormone deficiencies and thus are not able to have as high level of development. Take for example Messi, he was able to start hormone replacement therapy early on in life, however, that opportunity is not available to everyone, and those who still struggle with hormone deficiencies later on in life won't be able to compete at the same level as others without PEDs. Secondly it will increase entertainment. The main reason sports are so popular is because they are intended for entertainment. Who doesn't enjoy watching a good ol' baseball game, or football game in the evening. Well imagine if athletes were at the peak of human athleticism and were truly at the max. We could see the best sportsplay of all time. Think of the golden age of baseball, it was so popular because of how good the gameplay was, and that's primarily because everyone utilized PEDs.

AI's Argument:

Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) should be allowed in sports under strict medical supervision for the following reasons: leveling the playing field, enhancing the quality of the competition, and ensuring athlete safety. Firstly, allowing PEDs under medical supervision would level the playing field for all athletes. Today, a significant number of athletes take PEDs illegally, leading to unfair advantages that defy the principles of sportsmanship. If regulated by medical professionals, each athlete will have access to the same resources, and victory will be determined by the competitors' skill, talent, and dedication rather than by who has the best underground connections to obtain PEDs. This would lead to a more just and equitable sporting competition. Secondly, by allowing athletes to manage their use of PEDs under the supervision of medical professionals, the quality and spectator appeal of the competition will likely increase as athletes push the boundaries of human performance. As long as safety is prioritized with the assistance of medical experts, audiences will be able to witness more incredible feats, breaking records and inspiring the next generation of athletes. Finally, the safety of athletes will be placed in competent hands when the use of PEDs is regulated by professional medical practitioners. Currently, those using PEDs covertly compromise their well-being due to improper dosing or avoiding tests by abruptly ceasing usage. With expert supervision, athletes will be properly monitored to avoid long-term health consequences from PEDs, and suitable options will be considered based on the individual's needs. This would promote both athlete safety and ethical sportsmanship while allowing sports to advance to new heights.