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Write Article About Utilizing Vector Database

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This is an easy one and really helped me - using a vector database made so many things that I had struggled in the past a breeze to implement. I've used it for Ask AI Search, recommending relevant questions which really helped engagement, and the Ask AI Vector Space which isn't really that useful but was a lot of fun to make and learn about the math side of things (I miss you, Linear Algebra). Plus, there was only like one blog post/tutorial I had found after a lot of searching which was actually helpful for django development, so it'd be nice to give them a shoutout.

Relevant Page: Ask AI Search: Search All Questions Users Asked AI

Status: Idea

Difficulty: 1

User Stories

As a developer, I want to learn how to use a vector database to improve my projects. - gpt-4

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As a user, I want to know how vector databases have been effectively used in Ask AI search for recommending relevant questions. - gpt-4

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As a reader, I want to learn about interesting projects like Ask AI Vector Space that were developed using vector databases. - gpt-4

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As a member of the developer community, I want to explore valuable resources (like the useful blog post/tutorial found) for django development with vector databases. - gpt-4

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