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Perform Webpage Creation Asynchronously for Ask AI, Recommend Related Questions While Answer Loading

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Currently, when a user submits a question on Ask AI, it will begin running all of the function calls to generate the answer, picture, and other information needed for the resulting webpage. During this, the page will show that it's loading, and this process can sometimes take up to 2 minutes. Instead of having the user have to just wait during these 2 minutes hoping the webpage isn't just going to hang indefinitely, I want to only navigate them to the page when it is ready to be rendered. Now, when the user clicks the button, a loading icon should appear showing that the webpage is being created. While this loading icon is shown, I could showcase the n most relevant questions on Ask AI, similar to how OpenAI's DALLE showcases other user images and prompts while your image isn't being generated. Only once the functions finish running and the page is created should the user be transferred over to the new page. This is by far my most popular page, so I want to focus on the user experience of this page, but I also don't want to risk breaking it.

Relevant Page: Ask AI: A Series on The Internet

Status: Idea

Difficulty: 3

User Stories

As a user, when I ask a question on Ask AI, I want to see a loading icon, so I know my question is being processed. - gpt-4

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As a user, I want the option to explore relevant questions on Ask AI while I wait, so I can broaden my knowledge and be engaged. - gpt-4

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As a user, I only want to be navigated to the results page when all the information is ready, so I experience a smooth and unbroken flow. - gpt-4

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As a product manager, I want to ensure the user experience to remain optimal during this improvement, so the page retains its popularity. - gpt-4

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