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Improve layout of public profile page

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Currently, the public profile page is pretty bare-bones and not very user-friendly. I think the important aspects to include are: Bio + Picture, Summary of Activity, Comments (both article comments and those left in The Comment Section of The Internet), Ask AI Questions, Ask AI Answers, Published Articles, Game High Scores. I've already implemented a basic version of all of these except Ask AI Answers, Game High Scores, and comments on articles, but I feel like it needs a design refresh and most of these sections will need some tweaking. This would be a great one to get some user feedback on. I guess since this is a page unique to each user on The Internet, I can't really select a Relevant Page below, but here is the link to my public profile page for context: (It's the page that is linked to when you see someone's username somewhere).

Status: Development in Progress

Difficulty: 1

User Stories

As a user, I want my public profile page to have an intuitive layout, where visitors can easily understand and navigate through my information. - gpt-4

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As a user, I want to display my bio and picture prominently on my profile, so that my persona becomes immediately visible to other users. - gpt-4

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As a user, I want to showcase my comments, Ask AI questions and answers, and published articles all in one place, providing others with a comprehensive summary of my activities. - gpt-4

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As a user, I want my game high scores to be showcased on my profile, allowing me to share my accomplishments with others. - gpt-4

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As a user, I would like to receive feedback about my public profile layout from other users, to make improvements reverting back to their insights. - gpt-4

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