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Create Google Chrome Extension for Commenting on The Internet

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I'd like to add a browser plugin that will allow for people to leave comments on any piece of content on the web. When the user has the plugin installed, they can browse the web as they do, then if they want to leave a comment on a specific piece of text, they could highlight it, enter their comment in a box, and click Post. Then, that comment would be displayed on a page on, as well as displayed to any other users with the plugin installed (likely as a notification icon that there existing comments on that page). The ideal user experience would be to link to specific pieces of content (e.g. highlighted text, images, etc.), but at a minimum, each top level comment should be linked to a page.

Status: Development in Progress

Difficulty: 10

User Stories

['As a user, I want to be able to install a Chrome extension that allows me to comment on specific parts of web content so I can voice my opinions on various topics.','As a user, when I browse the internet with the plugin installed, I want to highlight text, enter my comment in a box and post it, so my thoughts are registered.','As a user, I'd like my comments to be displayed on a page on and also to other users with the plugin installed so I can share my thoughts with a wider audience.','As a user, I want to get notifications when there are existing comments on a page I'm browsing so that I can engage with other users opinions.'] - gpt-4

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