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Create AI Gift Recommendation Tool

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I see this as an extension of the Random Amazon Product Generator page, which people actually seem to be looking for occasionally. That product generator is super bare-bones, but I'm thinking that people might just be wanting to use that for gift-buying (which can be hard) or just checking out cool stuff (ala ThisIsWhyI'mBroke), both of which I think could be done pretty well with the AI-powered gift recommendation tool. I've actually already built part of the structure for this app (before all of these LLMs became super sophisticated) which will be useful as a starting point. Thinking about how to best pass the information from the Amazon Product Advertising API to the LLM will probably take some thought and testing to get it right, though.

Relevant Page: AI-Driven Gift Recommendation Tool | Personalized & Unique Gift Ideas

Status: Complete

Difficulty: 5

User Stories

['As a user, I want to receive AI-powered gift recommendations so that I can find the perfect gift without the hassle of browsing countless items.','As a user, I expect personalized gift suggestions based on my entered preferences or the profile of the gift recipient.','As a user, I want a seamless shopping experience, where I can easily view relevant product details transferred directly from the Amazon Product Advertising API.','As a user, I want to explore interesting products similar to my favorite websites like ThisIsWhyI'mBroke, enhancing my gift shopping experience.'] - gpt-4

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