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Add Math Tutor AI Model to Chat with AI

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It seems like a lot of users want to use Ask AI to help with their math problems, but large language models aren't really suited for that right out of the box. I had actually intended for this to be one of the AI models included in Chat with AI at launch, but the simple implementation that I thought would work using LangChain wasn't as good as I had hoped. Now with OpenAI adding native function calling ability to their LLMs, though, I think this will be very feasible. I would love to integrate WolframAlpha's API, but the minimum spend for commercial use is too high for me right now - I'll reach back out to them to see if I could get some flexibility. Overall, I feel like this feature is one of the coolest things I can work on and really has the opportunity to democratize expert-level tutoring and help people learn which is pretty good.

Relevant Page: Conversations with Artificial Intelligence

Status: Idea

Difficulty: 1

User Stories

I want to chat with an AI model that can understand and solve complex mathematical problem so that I can get quick help for my homework. - gpt-4

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I want the AI model to provide step-by-step solutions to complex math problems so that I can learn and understand the process. - gpt-4

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I want the AI to understand different mathematical terminology and symbols so that I can communicate my problems effectively. - gpt-4

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