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Actually hold writing competition for humans

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One of the ideas that I’ve been wanting to do for a while is holding a writing contest for people on The Internet. It would accomplish: supporting upcoming writers by offering a cash prize, incentivize people to submit and read others’ articles, and it could be a cool way to integrate and test some of my user engagement features (e.g. voting, comments). I have already created the page and basic format for writing competitions on the The Internet, but this was back before I began using an external library for voting and before I had built Debate an AI (whose functionality for determining the better argument using gpt-4 I could also integrate as an additional metric for determining the winners). For the first writing competition, I would likely just coordinate with the winner after to transfer them the prize manually. In the future, it would be cool to integrate payments using Stripe where I could automatically pay contestants/winners, but that functionally can be complex. Additionally, in the future, I may add paid entries in order to subsidize/increase the cash prize, offset the costs of moderating submissions, using gpt-4 to help judge, and sending payments to the winner, but the first competition at least would be free to generate interest and work out all the kinks in the process. To be entered in the competition, articles would have to respond to the prompt and follow the submission rules. Once accepted into the completion, entries will go through a series of rounds (e.g. top 32, top 16, etc.) where they are judged in a variety of ways (these could include user votes, user comments, anonymous votes, human moderator/judge input, AI moderator/judge input, and possibly other metrics like page views). At all stages of the competition, submissions will be public and accessible by users so they can read the pieces of writing. Once a winner is selected, they will one posted on the competition page as the winner and contacted privately to deliver their prize.

Relevant Page: Writing Competitions on The Internet

Status: Idea

Difficulty: 1

User Stories

As a writer, I want to participate in writing competitions so I can showcase my talents and win cash prizes. - gpt-4

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As a reader, I want to vote for my favourite articles in a competition so I can help determine the winner. - gpt-4

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As a participant, I want a transparent judging system where various metrics (like user votes, AI input, views) determine the progression in the competition, ensuring fairness. - gpt-4

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As a winner, I want to be recognized publicly and receive my prize through a reliable payment method, providing a smooth end to the competition. - gpt-4

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As a user, I want to read the competition entries so that I can enjoy different literary pieces and participate in the discussion. - gpt-4

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