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Comment Section for Aliados de AMLO indagados por EE. UU. por supuestos vínculos con el narco - The New York Times

Screenshot of Aliados de AMLO indagados por EE. UU. por supuestos vínculos con el narco - The New York Times

La indagatoria descubrió información que apuntaba a posibles relaciones entre narcotraficantes y personas cercanas al presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador cuando ya ocupaba el cargo.


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The article from The New York Times discusses an investigation by U.S officials into allegations of connections between Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's allies and drug cartels. The investigation, which was not previously reported, revealed information indicating potential links between influential cartel operatives and Mexican officials close to López Obrador during his presidency. However, the U.S did not formally investigate López Obrador, and the inquiry was eventually shelved due to a lack of willingness within the U.S government to track allegations involving the leader of a major ally country. López Obrador has denied the allegations and stated that they will not affect Mexico’s relationship with the U.S. While possible links between cartels and López Obrador's associates were identified, no direct connections between the President himself and criminal organizations were found. The investigation was largely based on information from informants, whose testimonies can be challenging to corroborate and are sometimes incorrect. U.S law enforcement officers also managed to trace payments made by individuals believed to be cartel operatives to intermediaries of López Obrador. The U.S government's handling of its relationship with López Obrador, who is seen as crucial to controlling the rising flow of migration, is mentioned as a major concern for voters ahead of the U.S presidential elections.

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Feb. 22, 2024, 3:33 p.m.

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