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The design portfolio of Casper Kessels


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The webpage is a personal portfolio for Casper Kessels, an Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin-based designer and Chief Product Officer at Snapp Automotive. Casper specializes in creating in-car infotainment systems using Android Automotive. His webpage showcases his various projects which include "The Turn Signal", a blog about automotive UX design, "Enzo's Legacy", an interactive timeline of Ferrari models, "Car Design History", a data visualization project celebrating car design, and "Wiki Explore", a project that combines Wikipedia and maps. The site also highlights his keynotes and podcasts on topics related to Android Automotive, UX design, and the car industry. Kessels has delivered these talks at events like Screens Podcast and Droidcon Berlin. In addition, the webpage lists numerous articles written by Casper. The articles are centered around automotive interface prototyping, in-car user experiences, cognitive load in automotive UX design, in-car climate control design, role of tech giants like Apple and Google in in-car user experience, and the impact of voice and gesture interactions in cars. Most of these writings are published on "The Turn Signal" blog and through Snapp Automotive.

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