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Comment Section for Introducing the Model Spec | OpenAI

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OpenAI has introduced the Model Spec, a document that outlines their approach to shaping the behavior of AI models. The Model Spec reflects OpenAI's commitment to improving model behavior through human input and aligns with their systematic approach to model safety. It includes objectives, rules, and default behaviors that guide the desired behavior of models. OpenAI intends to use the Model Spec as guidelines for researchers and AI trainers and seeks feedback from stakeholders to refine and improve it. The webpage provides examples of how the Model Spec is applied to various use cases, highlighting the importance of complying with laws, asking clarifying questions, and avoiding attempts to change anyone's mind. OpenAI aims to engage in an ongoing public conversation about model behavior and will share updates on changes to the Model Spec and their research progress.


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OpenAI has introduced the Model Spec, a guide that dictates the desired behavior of their AI models such as ChatGPT. The Model Spec is a document that incorporates OpenAI's current practices, research, and plans for future models, aiming to create a transparent platform for discussing decisions involved in shaping AI behavior. It outlines objectives, rules, and default behaviors for the AI, touching on principles such as assisting users, reflecting positively on OpenAI, respecting laws and social norms, protecting privacy, and maintaining an objective stance. The Model Spec will be used as guidelines for researchers and AI trainers, and OpenAI also plans to explore how models can learn directly from it. The document, which is expected to evolve over time, is part of OpenAI's ongoing effort to improve model behavior considering human input and is part of their systematic approach towards model safety. OpenAI is seeking feedback from the public and relevant stakeholders on the Model Spec, and plans to update the community regularly on changes and research progress. The webpage contains examples of the Model Spec's application to various use cases.

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May 19, 2024, 4:38 p.m.

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