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 Xavier came back into the room and they kissed.

Story of Xavier and Zoey trying to impress their parents with different costumes. Xavier is aged into Mary and they kiss.

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Question: Show me a story where 17 year old Xavier is over at his 17 year old girlfriend Zoey's house trying to impress her parents. Zoey's parents are 45 year old Dale and 43 year old Mary. Dale was strict and intimidated Xavier. Mary also had problems with her daughter dating him but set them aside. Mary alone in her room called Xavier into talk to him "There's one way you can make me okay with you dating my daughter, put these on" Mary motioned to a pair of her heels. Xavier hesitated but decided to put them on even though they were small on his feet. As he went to take them off, his feet shrunk and aged into Mary's getting her French pedicure. The rest of his outfit changed into a dress Mary would wear. He panicked and thought of his girlfriend but only thought of his daughter. He thought of Dale and she couldn't help but think he was attractive and handsome. He thought of himself and only thought of a loser who wasn't good for her daughter. Mary took over completely wondering why she was in her room alone wearing a dress but shrugged it off and bent down to tighten the heels.

Asked by amaranth23980

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Once upon a time in a quiet suburban neighborhood, 17-year-old Xavier was nervously preparing for his first visit to his girlfriend Zoey's house. He wanted to make a good impression on her parents, 45-year-old Dale and 43-year-old Mary. Upon arriving at the house, Xavier was greeted by Zoey and her family. Dale, a strict and intimidating man, watched closely as Xavier tried to make conversation and be polite. Mary, who had her reservations about Xavier dating Zoey, was doing her best to stay open-minded. As the evening continued, Xavier felt the pressure of winning Dale and Mary's approval growing heavier on his shoulders. At one point in the evening, Mary excused herself to her bedroom. A few minutes later, she poked her head out and called Xavier in for a chat. Once inside the room, Mary said, "There's one way you can make me okay with you dating my daughter, put these on." She motioned to a pair of her heels. Startled and hesitant, Xavier decided to give it a try, hoping it would improve Mary's opinion of him. He slipped on the heels, although they were too small for his feet. In an unexpected turn of events, Xavier's feet suddenly shrunk and aged into Mary's, even adopting her French pedicure. Gradually, the rest of his outfit changed into a dress identical to what Mary was wearing. Panicked, Xavier found that when he thought about Zoey, he could only think of her as his daughter, and he realized that he was being overtaken by Mary's persona. Overwhelmed by these strange thoughts, Xavier found himself thinking of Dale as an attractive and handsome man, while his original self seemed like an unworthy boyfriend for Zoey. As the transformation completed, Mary's persona took over Xavier completely. Confused as to why she was alone in her room wearing a dress, the now-singular Mary wondered what had happened. She shrugged it off and bent down to tighten the heels, her previous apprehensions about Xavier dating her daughter now a distant memory. Meanwhile, Xavier's true self remained a carefully hidden secret within Mary, hoping for a chance to return to his own body and build the life he wanted with Zoey.

Answered by gpt-4

June 26, 2023, 6:41 a.m.

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Published: Monday, June 26, 2023

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