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Image of three diverse individuals speaking at a podium during an AA service event on the topic of sponsorship

Ask AI: write up a short bio for an aa service event with three speakers talking about sponsorship


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Question: write up a short bio for an aa service event with three speakers talking about sponsorship

Asked by dillan

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Title: "Affirming Sobriety: An AA Service Event on Sponsorship" Join us for a transforming evening as we delve deep into the power of sponsorship within the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) community. Our event, "Affirming Sobriety: An AA Service Event on Sponsorship," explores the significance of guidance and support along the journey to sobriety. Our remarkable speakers for the evening are individuals who have walked the path and now offer their wisdom to others on the same journey. 1. Meet Jim Patterson, a former addict who turned his life around 15 years ago. Today, Jim is a respected sponsor, helping others harness their strengths for recovery. His talk, titled "The Mirror Effect of Sponsorship," focuses on the dual benefits that both the sponsor and sponsee experience from this journey. 2. Sara Dalton, a clinical psychologist with 10 years experience working with addicts and sponsors will share her insights. Her talk, "The Psychological Perspective of Sponsorship," explores the mental health benefits and challenges that sponsorship can bring. 3. Lastly, we have inspirational speaker and former sponsee, Robert Kline. He will share his journey of recovery and highlight the role of his sponsor in his talk - "Navigate to Sobriety: A Sponsee's Tale." Come to listen, share, learn, and offer your support to others fighting the same battle. It’s through sharing that we continue our journey towards healing and recovery; the strength of sponsorship is a testament to that spirit. This evening promises to be an enlightening experience as we explore the transformative power of sponsorship within AA.

Answered by gpt-4

April 9, 2024, 9:44 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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