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A heartfelt ballad sung by a lone musician under a moonlit sky

Ask AI: Write me a sing that will make any man cry


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Question: Write me a sing that will make any man cry

Asked by robbie

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(Verse 1) In a small, forgotten town, under the soft moonlight, A single father works, from morning till night. His hands rough with toil, his soul never weary, A picture of his joy, in a locket he carries. (Chorus) Oh, man of brave heart, why still the tears? Lonely are we, in the face of our fears. When the winds of life blow, harsh and nigh, Can you hear the lullaby that makes a man cry? (Verse 2) He sings to the stars about his love, so divine, Lost too soon, stolen by time. His sweet darling daughter, her memory never faded, Her laughter and giggles, in his heart deeply cradled. (Chorus) Oh, man of sad heart, why hide your tears? Time steals moments, but not the years. When the moon gently rests, and the stars testify, Can you see the love that makes a man cry? (Bridge) Tears are not weakness, they’re stories untold, Of love, of loss, of the bold. So let them flow, let them out to the sky, Let them weave the tale of a man's cry. (Verse 3) His dreams are made of echoes from a joyful past, Yet he treads on life’s stage, with a dutiful cast. His promise lingered, to the girl of his heart, To keep their love living, though worlds apart. (Chorus) Oh, man of kind heart, why hold back the tears? Love’s never gone, it shifts with the years. In the silent nights, with a tender sigh, Can you feel the heartbeat that makes a man cry? (Ending) In this grand dance of life, of joy, and hurt, Stands a man, his heart exposed, yet alert. Oh, gaze upon this sight and signify, The strength in the song that makes a man cry.

Answered by gpt-4

April 21, 2024, 1:23 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, April 21, 2024

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