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Ask AI: Write a story of goku and vegeta turns into women


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Question: Write a story of goku and vegeta turns into women

Asked by sai

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Title: The Transformative Battle - Goku and Vegeta A beautiful day was rising at the bustling city of North Capital, citizens going about their lives in the ever-lasting peace secured by Earth's protectors, Goku and Vegeta. In their usual training grounds up in the mountains, they were battling it out to sharpen their skills when Bulma arrived, bringing with her a unique device that caught their attention. "It's a gender-switching device," Bulma explained, pointing to the metallic contraption in her hands that looked no different than a remote control. "It was built from the theoretical blueprints of a universe 12 scientist we encountered. But it's a prototype, use at your own risk." Goku, being the more daring and carefree of the duo, took the device from Bulma without a second thought. "Let's give this a go, Vegeta!" he said excitedly. Despite Bulma's warnings, and Vegeta arching his brows in surprise, Goku pressed the button pointing at both of them. In a blinding flash of light, Goku and Vegeta felt their bodies shrinking, their muscled features softening into something sleek and curvaceous. Their muscular forms were now replaced with petite and feminine statures. Goku's spiky hair became longer, and Vegeta's hair turned into an attractive bob cut. The transformation took a while to sink in for both warriors, both of them looking wildly disbelieving, Goku looking at his changed self while Vegeta turned to Bulma exclaiming, "You will revert this NOW!" But Bulma shook her head, reminding him that the device was only a prototype and did not have a reverse function. For the time being, Goku and Vegeta had to accept their new bodies and adapt accordingly. Retaining their competitive spirit, they decided to continue sparring, curious to discover how differently their strengths and techniques would function now. The feminine Saiyans sparred fiercely, their power amazingly unaffected by the transformation. If anything, their speed and agility had improved due to their reduced sizes. However, the duo gradually came to value the lesson that strength could come in any form, whether masculine or feminine. This unusual yet enlightening experience led both Goku and Vegeta to further appreciate their raw abilities as fighters. In the days following, Vegeta was given an additional perspective on Bulma's daily life, and attempted to offer her more support and understanding. Goku also discovered newfound empathy for his wife, Chichi, and appreciated her more for her daily struggles. This adventuring experience, though unintended and initially unwanted, brought Goku and Vegeta both closer to the women in their lives and offered valuable lessons about their abilities. However, despite all this, they couldn't deny they were eagerly awaiting the day Bulma would eventually figure out how to reverse their transformations.

Answered by gpt-4

March 20, 2024, 11:28 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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