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Lois Griffin from Family Guy becomes Plastic Woman from DC Comics in an epic crossover story. After being struck by a falling asteroid, Lois finds herself in a new world where she is the only human. She soon discovers that she has the power to become Plastic Woman, a female superhero who uses her amazing plastic abilities to fight crime. With help from her friends from Family Guy and DC Comics, Lois takes on the villains of this strange world and protects the citizens from harm.

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Question: Write a story about Lois Griffin from Family Guy becoming Plastic Woman from DC Comics.

Asked by sebas

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Once in quaint town of Quahog, lived a typical suburban family. There was Peter, a bumbling yet well-meaning husband, their three children ranging from naive to diabolical, and a talking dog. However, the backbone of this rather unusual family was Lois Griffin, a red-headed, strong-willed, patient wife and mother. Lois was a woman of strength and resilience, bearing the wild adventures of her family with aplowerance and determination. Her remarkably ordinary life took a turn one fateful evening. Peter, in one of his many misguided games, ended up in a secret government laboratory with Lois. There, owing to a series of unfortunate events, Lois was exposed to a mysterious substance known as "Plastigen." This radioactive substance was known to cause molecular changes in the human body, and Lois was not immune. Days after the fateful event, Lois began to notice strange bodily changes - her body started having a rubbery feel and elasticity beyond human bounds! After many confusions and comic misunderstandings, she realized that she had become the Plastic Woman. Her new powers allowed her to stretch and morph her body in several ways, just like Plastic Man from the DC Universe. It was a significant change, but Lois decided to make the most of her powers. She began using her newfound abilities to solve everyday problems, like reaching the top shelf in the pantry or catching Stewie when he tried to make another unsupervised escape. However, Lois soon realized her powers could be used for larger purposes. With Peter's enthusiastic backing, she began using her powers secretly to help the city of Quahog, performing heroic deeds under the pseudonym "Plastic Woman." Her adventures ranged from stopping bank robberies to rescuing kittens stuck in trees, earning her the love and respect of the citizens. She even crossed paths with the Justice League, fighting side by side with Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash. Her heroics never stopped her from fulfilling her role as a wife and mother, though. Regardless of the situation, Lois ensured her family came first, using her powers to keep them safe and happy. Despite Peter's usual tendency to blab, he kept Lois' secret safe. Even Stewie, once he found out, agreed for a change, that it was best kept hidden. The Griffins carried on with their not-so-normal life, now with an additional secret - their very own superhero, Plastic Woman. They knew that no matter what happened, Lois was there to stretch herself, literally and metaphorically, to keep them protected.

Answered by gpt-4

June 29, 2023, 1:29 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, June 29, 2023

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