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Ask AI: Write a story about black canary being tied up and gagged by a common street criminal

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Question: Write a story about black canary being tied up and gagged by a common street criminal

Asked by jamie6

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Title: The Canary In The Concrete Jungle Black Canary, one of the most notable heroes of Star City, was undertaking her routine patrol one fateful night. With her unrivaled martial arts skills and ear-splitting canary cry, she was the nightmare of miscreants, yet an angel for those in need. On this particular night, her attention was drawn towards a dimly lit alley where the echo of a struggle was faintly audible. Without a second thought, Black Canary darted towards the suspicious activity. In the alley, a seemingly common street criminal was attempting a burglary. "Step away from there. It’s not too late to make a better choice," Black Canary warned, standing tall in her black leather and fishnet ensemble, her face partially obscured by her blonde wig. However, he seemed undeterred and instead of heeding her warning, he pulled out a strange device. "I'm just a common street thug, eh?" He sneered, pressing a button on the device which, against all her expectations, released trails of thick smoke that clouded the close space of the alleyway. The next instant, he hastily lunged at her, surprisingly managing to tackle her to the ground. She tried to retaliate, but soon her vision faded into darkness when a cloth was held over her face emitting some sort of gas. The world spun around her, and before she could channel her sonic scream, things went black. When Black Canary came to, she found herself tied up and her mouth covered with a gag, rendering her unable to use her sonic scream. It was a clever move on the criminal's part. However, he had underestimated her, focusing only on preventing her canary cry but neglecting her extensive combat skills. Struggling against her bindings, she managed to free one hand and swiftly yanked her gag down. Now free, she mustered all her strength to break the remaining ties. While the criminal was busy gloating over his momentary success, he failed to notice Black Canary’s movement. The second she was free, she launched herself at him, her every punch backed up with all her pent-up frustration and the desire to right the wrong. She was relentless, delivering blow after blow until the criminal was begging for mercy. With him subdued, she quickly called the police, and by the time they arrived, the criminal was ready for pick-up. At the end of the night, the Black Canary proved once again, that no criminal - common or otherwise - could keep her restrained for long. She was more than her sonic scream, she was a symbol of strength, resilience, and justice.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 11, 2023, 1:08 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, November 11, 2023

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