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Ask AI: Write a sad, creepy, and scary alternative ending to the Gremlins (1984 film).

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Question: Write a sad, creepy, and scary alternative ending to the Gremlins (1984 film).

Asked by dylan7

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In this alternative ending of Gremlins (1984), Billy and his girlfriend, Kate, fail to expose the Gremlins to sunlight in time. As the Gremlins take over Kingston Falls, they swiftly multiply, quickly outnumbering and overpowering the town's residents. Many are incapacitated or, worse, killed, leaving the town in a state of utter chaos and darkness. The normality that once painted the town is replaced by an eerie, quiet stillness with grotesque Gremlins roving the streets. Billy and Kate, after a tough battle and loss of many allies, find themselves surrounded by the Gremlins in the movie theater, their exposure to the world's celluloid fiction making them even more dangerous and unpredictable. Billy has the chance to draw them off, but that would mean leaving Kate unguarded. In an act of desperate courage, Kate volunteers to distract them, creating an opportunity for Billy to attempt an attack. Despite her terrified protests, Billy agrees, a cold, helpless dread settling in his heart. She bravely lures away most of the Gremlins, but not Stripe, who stays behind in a one-on-one standoff against Billy. Before her demise, Kate manages to call the police, informing them about the theater packed with Gremlins. The police reluctantly believe her and move towards the theater, but it’s too late. The creatures overwhelm Kate, and when the police arrive, they find only her lifeless body, the cackling creatures mysteriously gone. Driven by despair and rage, Billy lunges at Stripe in a desperate battle for survival and vengeance. It's a gruesome fight until Stripe, in a sly move, sprays water on himself, beginning to birth more Gremlins, an army Billy would never be able to defeat. Just as the new Gremlins begin to burst forth, Gizmo, summoning his strength, manages to open a curtain, exposing Stripe and his unborn minions to the daytime sun. They screech and sizzle, caught in the fierce sunlight, ultimately melting away. Heartbroken, Billy stumbles out of the theater, witnessing the horrifying aftermath of what used to be his peaceful town. The law enforcement and military move in, evacuating survivors while attempting futile cleanup operations. The end scene is Billy sitting alone with Gizmo. Gizmo softly hums a melancholic tune, a lament for the lost lives and innocence. The horror of the day weighs heavily on them. As they look over the devastated town, the viewer is left with the haunting understanding that nothing will ever be the same again; not the town, not its people, and not Billy. "Gremlins" thus ends on a sad note, deeper and darker - a haunting testament to the monstrosities that breed from the most unsuspecting origins.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 28, 2023, 6:27 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, October 28, 2023

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