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Ask AI: Write a POV story of the human reader fighting and attempting to survive against Stolas (from the Helluva Boss series made by VivziePop).

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Question: Write a POV story of the human reader fighting and attempting to survive against Stolas (from the Helluva Boss series made by VivziePop).

Asked by WhyMeei

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Title: The Devil's Bargain All seemed calm and unassuming as you dragged your thoughts away from your mundane existence. A churlish laughter echoed through the air, sending chills down your spine. Looking around, you found yourself standing in the middle of a weird dimensional rift, dominated by an ominous castle. "Welcome to my domain, mortal," a voice boomed, filled with sickening sweetness. As your eyes adjust to the ambience, you saw Stolas, lord of the Ars Goetia, standing atop a pedestal, his cobalt-blue eyes emanating an otherworldly glow. The realization hit you like a punch. You remembered the old dusty tome you unknowingly opened, and the strange symbols that cascaded from its pages. You'd unintentionally summoned the prince of Hell, an ostentatious owl demon. Your heartbeat pounded in your ears as you tried to collect your thoughts. A single mistake and you would end up being one with the many souls Stolas devoured. You locked eyes with the smirking demon, signaling your readiness for his challenge. "Let's begin our game, shall we?" Stolas grinned maliciously, unleashing a barrage of asteroids towards you. The intense beam was on you in a second, but you rolled out of the line of fire just as quickly, finding cover behind a giant rock pillar. The raw energy from Stolas's attack had vaporised the section of the pillar you were hiding behind. Survival instincts kicked in, and you ducked, slipped, and dodged behind the remaining pillars, closing the gap between you and Stolas gradually. As soon as you were close enough, you reached into your pocket and tossed a handful of demon warding salt towards him. The salt, a common tool used to repel demons, irritated Stolas. Smoke sizzled off his form, billowing in the air, giving you enough diversion. With renewed vigor, you charged towards him, your makeshift weapon, a rusted iron sword, held high. Unfortunately, your speed wasn't enough, your attack was parried with a simple wave of his hand. As Stolas smirked down at you, it dawned upon you; physically challenging a prince of Hell wouldn't bode well. You had to trick him. Eyeing the floating symbols around Stolas, you realized they were similar to those in the ancient book. The answer was - banishment. Suddenly, an idea struck you. You needed to dwell into demon language, specifically the incantation you recalled from the ancient book, that had the power to banish demon lords. As Stolas floated adrift, eyeing you amused, you seized that moment,"Praesidio, claustra, absterget!" You chanted, forcing every bit of willpower into the incantation. Stolas stiffened, the ambient magic surrounding him started to flicker. His charming demeanor turning into pure terror, realization etched onto his grinning face. The sardonic prince of hell was being sucked into the abyss of the void. Within seconds, Stolas was gone, the castle around you crumbled, and the rift closed, bringing you back to the ordinary world. Heaving heavily, you glanced around your now mundane surroundings shaking off the terror. Wary but victorious, you promised next time to think twice before flipping through another antique bookstore find.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 19, 2023, 8:35 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, November 19, 2023

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