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Illustration of two hands gently embracing each other in a loving gesture

Ask AI: Write a poem about holding someone you love tightly, but not so tight that it hurts.


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Question: Write a poem about holding someone you love tightly, but not so tight that it hurts.

Asked by dave5

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In the canvas of life and in the quiet of the night, There's a way to hold your love, tender but tight. It's not about strength or a test of might, But a gentle assurance in the soft moonlight. Hold them close, like a precious gem, Like the crimson rose, or its fragile stem. Wrap them in a bond, like a warm embrace, Where comfort resides and fears erase. Holding tightly, a wordless song, An unspoken promise, where two hearts belong. Yet not so strongly, that they gasp for breath, A symphony of love, not a dance with death. Hold them as a feather, light and carefree, In the silence, under the old willow tree. Yet firm enough, to show intent, Like veiled whispers, in the wind gently sent. Every heartbeat paired, rhythm and rhyme, Through the timeless dance of love, across all time. Hold them gently, with a touch so kind, Two souls intertwined, in body and mind. But remember, hold not so tight that they wane, For love in shackles can cause such pain. Light as the breeze, yet solid as the earth, Such is the way to show love's worth. In this gentle squeeze, love can mend, The heart's silent echo, a reach without end. Hold them close, but let them breathe, In love's embrace, where two souls weave.

Answered by gpt-4

April 18, 2024, 11:08 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, April 18, 2024

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