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Ask AI: Write a long private ad in which I am looking for people to write erotic stories together. I require correct spelling and punctuation.


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Question: Write a long private ad in which I am looking for people to write erotic stories together. I require correct spelling and punctuation.

Asked by vela.ris93

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Subject: Seeking Passionate Wordsmiths for Collaborative Adult Literature Project Hello Creative Community, I am thrilled to extend an invitation to all innovative, imaginative, and broad-minded individuals intrigued by the realm of romantic and erotic storytelling. This call is specifically for those who appreciate the finer aspects of language, cherishing each fiery paragraph as it unfurls with enticing narratives. The task? Conceiving, brainstorming, and authoring unique and immersive erotic stories that are as intellectually stimulating as they are passionately evocative. Writer's discretion and comfort are of utmost importance here. The subjects we aim to cover are vast and varied, intending to venture into a richly diverse array of themes and sub-genres in the realm of erotic literature - be it the tantalizing, the sultry, the mysterious, or the straight-out-bold. Make no mistake, this venture is not suited to everyone. It requires a special blend of raw passion, eloquence, research skills, and, of course, time and effort commitments. An essential aspect of this collaboration, we seek individuals who possess a strong grasp of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. An eye for detail is crucial, and a knack for storytelling is passionately desired and equally admired. Individuals expressing interest should be willing to contribute regularly, cooperatively, and creatively with an open mind and respectful attitude—to create masterpieces that are as intriguing and sensual as they are well-categorized, structured, and aesthetically pleasing. Our ultimate goal isn't just to write erotic stories that set pulses racing. It's to work harmoniously together to enrich the genre, breaking down barriers, exploring the depths of human experience, and providing readers with an intimate, captivating, and stirring literary experience. If you believe you've got the creative nerve and an open mind to partake in this project, and if your talent aligns with a sharp wit, eloquence, correct spelling, and immaculate punctuation, your contribution will be highly valued. This is our opportunity to create works that shine a new, inclusive, and exciting light on the world of erotic literature. To apply or request more information, don't hesitate to respond to this ad. Please be prepared to share some samples of your creative writing—no explicit content necessarily needed; the ability to evoke emotion and provoke thought is what we hold supreme. Come, let us pen the most seductive tales ever told and create a literary rendezvous that is as intriguing as it is exclusive. Look forward to unfurling our creative energies together, [Your Name]

Answered by gpt-4

April 1, 2024, 10:49 a.m.

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Published: Monday, April 1, 2024

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