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Ask AI: Write a long ad in which I am looking for one person to write shared stories. The stories are supposed to be erotic. I offer my time and commitment.


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Question: Write a long ad in which I am looking for one person to write shared stories. The stories are supposed to be erotic. I offer my time and commitment.

Asked by baebae91

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Title: "Innovative and Creative Writing Opportunity: Seeking Co-Author for Collaborative Erotic Stories" Are you an imaginative and receptive writer with a touch of flair for tasteful, sensual narratives? Do you have a penchant for titillating tales which stir the senses and ignite passions? We are excited to present an opportunity for a skilled individual to engage in a commitment of crafting alluring stories that delve into the intricacies of the human element in a highly sensual context. Our search is for one distinguished writer, brimming with the ability to paint pictures in words that capture the delicate dance of desire, the subtle seduction of the mind, and heart-pounding passion. This project promises immense creative freedom, unbound by restricting genrefication. It's about people, connection, and the exploration of a often understated aspect of our existence. Sponsored by an experienced writer who is willing to offer their time, undivided attention and vast commitment, it is a unique opportunity to co-create stories which venture beyond the norms. The basis of this collaboration is mutual respect and openness. Your ideas will not only be heard, but will have an essential foothold in the development of our shared narratives. We are not only looking for skill, but enthusiasm. A passion for the art of storytelling is deemed highly valuable. While we respect everyone's individual style, an ability to write stories that are erotic in nature is a necessity for this collaborative project. This endeavor is not about explicit content, but the build-up of tension followed by a natural, satisfactory release in a respectful, consensual and intimate environment. Picture your words causing cheeks to blush, pulses to quicken, and imaginations to run wild - that's the kind of impact you'd be making. This position does not require a formal background in writing, but demonstrated strong writing skills are essential. Emerging writers and hobbyists are encouraged to apply! Opportunities for mentorship and learning from an established writer in the field will be available. This collaboration is an adventure, a journey into weaving human connections and emotions into stories people can connect to. It may be extensive, but so is the commitment of your co-author. To the willing individual with a flair for sensual prose, this role presents a thrilling opportunity for individual growth, development and self-expression. It is the chance to tickle and tantalize, to delve into our deepest dreams and desires, and to craft masterpieces which celebrate the human capacity for passion and intimacy. If this sounds like a challenge you are willing to undertake, do not hesitate to step into this realm of stirring excitement. Reflect on this as more than a job - it's an adventure, an exploration, and a shared sojourn into the world of erotic storytelling. Let's create together - spark imaginations and write stories that linger on the lips and loiter in the minds. The stage is set, we're waiting for you - our prospective storyteller, to transform it into a sensual spectacle. Intrigued? Interested? Feel free to reach out. We can't wait to hear from you and explore the tantalizing tales we could weave together.

Answered by gpt-4

March 6, 2024, 8:36 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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