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Illustration of a giant carnivorous plant in a cityscape with cars and people fleeing in terror

Ask AI: Write a Little Shop of Horrors movie sequel.


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Question: Write a Little Shop of Horrors movie sequel.

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Title: "Little Shop of Horrors: Second Blossom" 1. Setup - New York City, 20 years after the original events. The surviving cast is now middle aged. Seymour is a successful business owner and Audrey is a loving housewife and mother to their 16-year-old daughter, Audrey II. The plant shop is still flourishing, but they never talked about ‘the incident’ and never went near a carnivorous plant again. 2. Introduce a Problem - A mysterious meteor crashes near New York Harbor and an exotic, otherworldly plant is discovered. A curious botanist takes the plant to study its features. The plant begins displaying a sinister intelligence and reveals a liking for blood. 3. Resistance - Seymour becomes very suspicious when missing people reports surge. He realizes the link between these incidents and the new plant and his worst nightmare comes to life when the plant unveils itself as the offspring of Audrey II. 4. Face the Problem - Seymour, Audrey, and their headstrong daughter Audrey II decides to challenge the plant. The daughter, being a biology major and having secretly studied about her namesake plant, has a plan. 5. Create a Plan - Audrey II, using her deep understanding of plant biology and her parents' knowledge of the original Audrey II, devises a growth stunting serum that hinders the plant’s growth and ability to eat. 6. Execution of Plan - The family infiltrates the research facility posing as investors. While Seymour and Audrey distract the botanist, Audrey II tries to inject the serum but only partially succeeds. 7. Final confrontation - The plant, growing agitated, reveals its true form and goes on a hunting spree. The family is cornered, the botanist realizes the horrifying mistake he made, and sacrifices himself leading the plant away. 8. Resolution - Audrey II sees an opportunity to complete the injection, takes a risk and succeeds. The plant withers and the city is saved! 9. The Twist - After the ordeal, as they're cleaning up the remnants, a small chunk of the plant seems to be missing. In a remote countryside, a naive farmer discovers an exotic plant in his field. The camera cuts to black as we hear a familiar sinister laugh. In this sequel, the focus should be on horror and suspense with a mixture of humor and family drama. Expanding on the complex relationship between humans and botanical terrors, the narrative can explore themes of greed and ecological balance.

Answered by gpt-4

April 13, 2024, 10:23 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, April 13, 2024

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