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Ask AI: Write a disstrack about an indian kid called ishaan and that he doesnt shut the fuck up


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Question: Write a disstrack about an indian kid called ishaan and that he doesnt shut the fuck up

Asked by gyeomy

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(Verse 1) Roll up the beat, get the rhythm intact, Gotta talk about a lad, goes by the name Ishaan in fact. An Indian kid, always got something to say, I'm here to spill it all out, ain't no room for delay. "Chatterbox Ishaan", that's his name in the town, From dusk till dawn, this kid never wears down. Flickering like an Indian lamp, but with words instead, The kid doesn't comprehend the concept of going to bed! (Chorus) Ishaan, Ishaan, you rap like a cyclone, But homie, you gotta understand to hang up the phone. Ishaan, oh Ishaan, it's time for the track bomb, Need you to learn the sweet silence's charm. (Verse 2) Ishaan, you've got dreams, ambitions that tower, But, dude, your voice ain't an empowering power. You ain't a poet, nor a pop star delight, Just an Indian kid, in the middle of the night. (Chorus) Ishaan, oh Ishaan, with your energy, ain't nothing wrong, Just remember, even the wind rests in the dawn. Ishaan, Dear Ishaan, your voice echoing in the hall, But, friend, even the grandest waterfall knows when to fall. (Outro) Don't get me wrong, Ishaan, we all love your spirit, But the art of silence, trust me, you need to inherit. Turn your radio down, listen to the night's song, Cause even in the quiet, bro, you can be strong.

Answered by gpt-4

May 9, 2024, 1:23 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, May 9, 2024

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