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Ask AI: Write a conceptual framework on the research topic impact of poor administration and teacher relationship on the students academic performance

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Question: Write a conceptual framework on the research topic impact of poor administration and teacher relationship on the students academic performance

Asked by Javoh

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Creating a conceptual framework helps to illustrate the relationship between the variables of your study. For the research topic "Impact of Poor Administration and Teacher Relationship on the Students Academic Performance," your conceptual framework can go like this: 1. Introduction: An overview of your study topic and an explanation of the key concepts – poor administration, teacher relationship, and student academic performance. 2. Literature Review: Discuss previous research and theories related to your topic. Explain the role of administration in educational institutions and how it could affect teacher relationships. Delve into how teacher relationship impact student academic performance. 3. Variable Identification: - Independent Variables: Poor administration and teacher relationship. - Dependent Variable: Students' academic performance. 4. Hypotheses: Based on your literature review, develop hypotheses to describe potential outcomes of your study. A sample hypothesis could be 'Poor administration affects the teacher relationship, which then negatively impacts student's academic performance.' 5. Operational Definitions: Define clearly how you will measure each variable. For instance, poor administration can be measured through factors like lack of support for teachers, poor communication etc. A teacher relationship can be gauged through things like mutual respect, communication, and cooperation etc. A student's academic performance can be assessed through grades, classroom participation and engagement, etc. 6. Relationship explanation: At this point, describe in detail how the variables interact with each other. For instance, how does poor administration lead to a strained teacher relationship? How does this strained relationship, in turn, affect the students' academic performance? The connections should be logical and based on existing theories and previous research. 7. Research Design: Explain how your research will be conducted to examine the impact of poor administration and teacher relationships on students' academic performance. Will you use qualitative or quantitative methods, or a mix of both? Will your research be cross-sectional or longitudinal? 8. Anticipated Results: Describe what you assume you will find based on your research. Make it clear that these are conjectures and may not reflect the final outcomes. 9. Conclusion: Close your conceptual framework by summarizing the main points and highlighting their relevance to your research. Remember, a conceptual framework is flexible and can be adjusted as new information comes to light. It is not set in stone, rather it's a guide that can be adapted as the research unfolds.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 6, 2023, 5:27 a.m.

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Published: Monday, November 6, 2023

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